Bio, Projects and Stuff

I'm Ben Baptist, a programmer, animator, etc. My first programming language was Javascript (not a good first-time language!). I got into PHP for a while, got bored, and moved on to Python. About 99% of the stuff I write is in Python or Javascript these days (depending on the platform). Here's a list of some fun stuff I've made in the past:

Laser Miner (a space game with fireworks and stuff, mostly just a game engine at the moment)
Pasteben (a pastebin tool)
Pic Uploader (ugly picture uploader)
BenBot - Free Twitch/Beam Bot by me! - A Minecraft server wrapper with plugin support! An alternative to Bukkit.

I host an IRC server over at Come join us in #main!
I also have a TeamSpeak at

I also have a donation button for whatever reason, if anyone is feeling generous. :P
All donations go towards improving my website, hardware, and eventually the games that I would like to work on.

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